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Currently, there are approximately 3.5 billion social media users who share an unimaginable number of pieces of content, such as comments, opinions, videos, podcasts, and photographs. This number is only increasing and so should the utilization of such valuable data. Acquiring this data is only part of the story; companies must be able to apply analytical tools in order to forge competitive advantages. It is this analysis that assists in understanding what is truly being said about your product or service.

Suppose you want to know how people feel after a new energy regulation was put in place, how people are responding to your campaigns, or what people are saying about a significant energy event; all this and more can be tangibly viewed by conducting volume, sentiment, thematic discovery, and predictive analytics. Our platform is specifically tailored for the energy sector so you can conduct analyses across virtually any source, and interval of time. Moreover, there is the added ability to accurately segment an analysis by region, topic, gender, and many other desired categories.


Localizing the existing Social Media Analytics Platform to
target market languages(CZ, SI, SL, HU, AU, CRO).

Since industries differ greatly in regards to specific terminology, an energy industry specific pack is vital. This ensures that insights based on the data are relevant form making energy sector related decisions since it will take into unique contextual nuances.

Our expert e-learning instructors have over a decade worth of combined experience in setting up and applying online modules. As such, we aim to provide inclusive and effective learning experience within an online suite that is localized to all of our target markets.

We will make the Social Media Anayltics services available for Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia. We will hold local workshops to introduce the new innovative services in these countries.

Target Groups


The energy sector is dynamic and unpredictable due to rapid technological advances. Hovwever, by making use of a localized SMA platform, policies and strategies can be better advised and potential competitive edges can be identified. Furthermore, investment firms can be better informed in regards to sustainable ventures and public opinion.

Firms serving ac consultants for energy oriented companies can greatly benefit from our tool in order to better review clients’ position in the market, and to detect energy-related conversations across various countries.

Renewable energy supplies can pinpoint what consumers are looking for and where a viable market can be positively exploited. Capture how they respond to regulations, where their grievances lie, and recognize problems before they escalate.



Founded in 2000, It is a forward thinking and dynamically developing IT company. With a focus on Eastern Europe, they utilize a large data technology to ensure added value to clients. With constant development and strategisc Initiatives, they have been able to successfuly target niche opportunities within Big Data markets.

Contact: advitaliskft@gmail.com

Aith a basis of enterpreneurship, Artamet Ltd. is the forefront of modern day learning methods. Past projects have included high quality, tailor made e-learning content such as e-games and gaming content for learners as well as educational providers, universities, and schools. By combining the knowledge with business intelligence, they can maximalize UX of clients. Recent expansions form the foundation of this venture, with a Social Media Analytics (SMA) platform having been developed to enable market researchers 1 augment marketing reports. With vast experience in dissemination of information, Artamet Ltd. is aptly positioned as a service provider.
Contact: artamet@gmail.com

ENERGO-DATA is a consulting company set up in 2009 by experts with background in energy and business consulting, many of which have been for multinational firms, national institutions, and various public offices. Their IT capacities combined with industry know-how makes them an excellent firm for innovation promotion.
Contact: info@energo-data.com
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